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If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out the membership request to the right and your request will be reviewed at the next meeting of the board. Your membership confirmation will come via e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in our organization and your desire to help our current serving military members and our local Veterans.

Note: When registering please use your personal e-mail account only. Use of a DoD e-mail account will result in you not being able to receive your membership notification.

Membership Request


Membership in The Long Rangers is open to all DoD civilian personnel, military currently serving or who have previously served and their dependents. Individuals will gain membership by submitting their request to the Executive board, along with documentation confirming their association or affiliation with or the military past or present. Finally valid proof of  payment of their annual membership dues.

Upon approval by the Executive Board, other applicants sharing a desire to preserve and promote the contributions of military and it's veterans may also apply for membership.

Continuing membership is based upon annual enrollment commencing January 2016 and payment of your membership dues.

Membership in the organization can be terminated by resignation or by notification of disciplinary action, or by failure to pay dues.

Membership can be reinstated by application in writing to President, Vice President, or Secretary for consideration.